Software technology for
learning and teaching

We develop technology that supports the development of software for learning, such as intelligent tutoring systems and serious games.

Our technology is used in environments for solving algebra exercises, learning programming, practicing communication skills, and more.

We focus on analysing student activities: determining which step a student has taken, and giving hints to a student.




Haskell Expression Evaluator



Imperative programming tutor


We use our technology in many projects. Below we give an incomplete list of our current projects.

In the past we contributed to several European and Dutch projects, mainly for several mathematical domains, such as linear algebra and high school mathematics.


Through the years, many people have contributed to the Ideas project. At the moment the following people are involved:

Bastiaan Heeren

Bastiaan Heeren

Open University of the Netherlands & Utrecht University

Bastiaan is the core designer and developer of the ideas software.

Johan Jeuring

Johan Jeuring

Utrecht University & Open University of the Netherlands

Johan started with the Ideas project more than a decade ago. He is involved in many of the subprojects.

Josje Lodder

Josje Lodder

Open University of the Netherlands

For her PhD, Josje works on several tutors related to logic.

Hieke Keuning

Hieke Keuning

Windesheim University of Applied Sciences & Open University of the Netherlands

For her PhD, Hieke works on tutors for (imperative) programming.

Alex Gerdes

Alex Gerdes

Gothenburg University

Alex is the main architect of the functional programming tutor Ask-Elle.

Past contributors:

Hugo Arends, Renate van der Bent, Thomas van Binsbergen, Eric Bouwers, Susan Brommer, Jordy van Dortmont, Marilou Dubbeld, Johan Eijkelboom, Marcell van Geest, Noeri Huisman, Niels Kolthoff, Jacco Krijnen, Ivica Milovanovic, Wendy Neijenhuis, Adolfo Ochagavía, Tim Olmer, Harrie Passier, Izak Perdijk, Bram Schuur, Alejandro Serrano Mena, Niels Steenbergen, Sylvia Stuurman, Sietske Tacoma, Peter van de Werken, Jurriën Stutterheim, Gideon Teeuwen, Stéphane Thibaud, Ferdinand van Walree, Jorn van Wijk, Wink van Zon

More information

Our software is available on Hackage: ideas and ideas-math

We have created an online tutorial that explains how to create a domain reasoner using our software.

We have published many papers about our work, at conferences such as EC-TEL, ITiCSE, SIGSCE, and AIED, and in journals such as JAIED, Computers & Education, and Science of Computer Programming. Some of our main publications are:

Consult the homepages of the people involved to obtain more publications.